Happy New Year Images Text Wishes In Gujarati Language

By | December 17, 2016

Happy New Year Images Text Wishes In the Gujarati Language: Gujrat..!! A wonderland of boundless beauty and glory. And events in Gujrat we can’t explain it in words that how events look in Gujrat. Gujarat is the god gift which India got in his nap. During these days when the new year is in the neck, Gujrat is just like a wisdom. Winter in Gujarat comes with a lot of changes in atmospheres which gives relief to eyes and to inner soul. We heard everybody’s saying let’s have some wonderful days of our life in Gujrat. Because it’s the land of beauty land of glory land of joy and a lot of happiness all around.  Events are like special toppings on pizza for the people of Gujrat. And not even in Gujarat in other states also people celebrates events like a new year in Gujarati style like by sharing some image of the beauty of Gujrat, some wallpapers texted in Gujarati language and much more. Nowadays it’s become a tradition to have something in a different language on every occasion. Especially youngsters are doing this in a casual way they wish their friends and family in Gujarati by sending them wishes in Gujarati. As Gujarati is one of the most awesome language in Indian culture it gives a cool punch to our recreation. Especially on the event it gives a cool update for our social blocks and helps in maintaining the level of superiority among all the friends.

For such cool and amazing wishes on events like Christmas, and new year people moves here and there asks their friend that please let me know from where you got this one and all but it looks like begging in front of someone. So we have covered all this mess with a lot of fresh and wonderful wishes for this new year in the Gujarati language. Given below wishes includes wishes which express care, love, friendship, brotherhood and all other emotions which a person possess in itself.
To have such cool wishes for family and friends you don’t have to seek here and there as here we have listed all the best and fresh wishes for happy new year 2017 in the Gujarati language. The main point is these can directly be copied from this blog and can be used further. The given below wishes will make your close one happy and make him realize his presence with you.


Happy New Year Images With Text In Gujarati






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New Year Gujarati Messages Quotes


Tmara Badha Dukh Khushi Ma Tolu
Tmara Badha Raz Tmara Same Kholu
Koi Mara Pehla Na Bole
Mate Tamne Sauna Pehla Happy New Year…

Sagar ni pele par koi radtu hase,
tamne yad kari ne koi tadaptu hase,
jara dil par hath rakhi vichari to juo,
tamara mate pan koi jivatu hase.
Happy New Year 2017

Pal Pal se banta hai Ehasas,
ehsas se banta hai Vishvas,
vishvas se bante hai Rishte,
aur rishte se banta hai koi Khas,
Jaise Aap…..

Aa Gale Lag Ja Mere Yaar,
Dedoon Jadu Ki Jhappi Do Char,
Aaise Hi Katjaye Zindegi Without Any Risk,
Is Ummid Ke Sath Wish You A,
Very Happy New Year.

Navu che aa varsh
navi che aasha and ummido
nava kam karvani che aashao
aava utsah ne rakhjo aakha varsh ma jivant
tamne harsholash thi Nutan Varshabhindan.

Najar malta ek minit lage che.!
Te gami jata ek kallak lage che.!
Tena prem ma padta ek divas je lage
Pan dost Tene bhulva mate
ek zindgi pan adhuri lage che…
Happy New Year 2017

Aap sau ne sukh, santi, samrudhi, ane swastya bakse
Ane aap pragati na tamam sikharo sar karo,
Happy New Year.

Prem ni koi divas kimat thaay nahi,
Nazik ke door thi samjaay nahi,
Sneh na dariya ma dubo to khabar pade
Em kinaare rahi haiyu bhinjaay nahi
Happy New Year…

Aavi rahyu che navu varsh,
khushi lavshe aa navu varsh 2017
mane aasha che k aa navu varsh tmarai jindagi
ma apar khusi, anand ane prem lavshe…
Nava varsh ni subh kamnao.

Sabd tu aapje geet hu banavish,
rasto tu aapje manzil hu gotish,
khushi tu aapje hasine hu batavish,
mitra tu banje, mitrata hu nibhavish
Happy New Year!

Tari aankhon ni pyaas banva taiyar chhu,
tara hrday no shwass banva taiyar chhu,
tu jo aavine mane sajivan kare,
to hu roj laash banva taiyar chhu Happy New Year!



Moving here and there will not make any difference because we have collaborated the best and the amazing one for you. Search for this stuff is itself a great work to do that’s why this great work is completed by us. As we don’t want such opportunities to be lost. Given below wishes are the best and are not the just which we provide we are in a trend to transform the better into the best thus we updating these stuff regularly so stay tuned with us. You can tune us by just clicking the social links given below. Hope you like all the stuff on New Year given by us. You can share it with your dear ones on their social media. Suggest us for more what kinda stuff you need. Give your reviews also below in the comment section. Stay connected with us for more. Happy New Year…

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